Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Typical Day like for my pup?

Upon arrival, pups are separated into playgroups based on their size, energy level, and play style. There are anywhere from 3-6 playgroups each day. We call our groups "Bigs," "Mediums," and "Littles" and there are typically two separate groups for each size category. For example, the "Big" dogs will be separated into two different groups, one for the more high energy and playful "Bigs," and one for the more mellow "Bigs." Pups will rotate through play time and rest with their play group throughout the day. Groups are rotated through our huge play yards and also take "cool down" breaks inside their kennels while other play groups are taking their turn outside.

How much time are the dogs outside?

We give the pups as much time as possible to run free and play with their pals in our large play yards! Typically, each pup spends about 70% of their time outside, and about 30% of their time taking a "cool down" break inside their cozy kennel or private suite. This is not the type of boarding facility where dogs are kept cooped up inside their crates all day. We are a full service doggy day care, and we believe dogs need as much exercise and socialization with friends as possible!

What if my dog does not like the outdoors?

We cater each experience to the individual pup. If your pup is not a fan of the outdoors, they will not be forced to stay outside! We will take them outside to do their business, we will watch them and see if they start to explore or engage in play, but if they are sitting by the door wanting to go back inside, then we will absolutely take them back in. They can relax in their cozy kennel or their private suite, or they can walk around with us while we are cleaning, doing laundry, etc. We will make them feel right at home. They may even enjoy sitting in the office on a dog bed and looking out the window while we do paperwork or answer emails! No pup will be forced outdoors if they don't want to go outside!

What happens at Pups & Pals on rainy days?

Just a little drizzle doesn't bother most of the pups at all! They will still be outside playing chase, wrestling around, and possibly splashing in a few mud puddles! When it is drizzling, we still stay outside. When it begins to rain hard, we bring all pups inside and wait it out. As soon as the rain stops, we are all back outside for more play time! Some pups love the rain, some hate it! We cater their experience to them individually. If your pup doesn't mind the rain, they are welcome to keep playing their hearts out! If they are scared of the rain, they can come inside to get warm and stay dry! We do our best to make the most out of rainy days and get the pups as much play time as possible!

What do I need to bring for Overnight Lodging?

All you need to bring for overnight lodging is your dog's food! We do not provide food for lodging, so you'll need to bring your pup's food in a labeled bag or container. Be sure to let us know how many "scoops" or cups to serve when filling out your paperwork at registration. You do not need to bring any toys or treats, we have plenty of those! And you also do not need to bring blankets, dog beds, or pillows, we have all of that here!

How old does my pup have to be before they can start Day Care or Lodging?

Pups must be 4 months old (16 weeks) before they can attend day care of lodging. This is because pups younger than 16 weeks have not yet completed their last round of puppy vaccinations and are not cleared to be around other dogs. For their safety, they need to have their last round of puppy vaccinations at 16 weeks before they can be exposed to other dogs.

What vaccines are required for my pup to attend Day Care or Lodging?

We require 3 vaccines for day care or lodging. Rabies, Distemper (DHPP) and Bordetella. Your pup must be up to date on these vaccines or they will not be able to attend day care or lodging. Check your last vet bill and look for the reminders for your pup's due dates on these vaccines to make sure they are up to date!

Does Pups & Pals have Breed Restrictions?

We do not have breed restrictions here at Pups & Pals. Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Mastiffs, they're all welcome here! Each pup is evaluated individually during their Play Day Evaluation to see if they are a good fit for group socialization. We will observe their temperament, play style, and try them out with different dogs to see how they get along! Most of the time, it's peachy keen! Some dogs do better with the opposite sex, and if this is the case we will make notes in their account such as, "Fido plays best with females, and does not do well with other males." That way, they can still come to play at day care anytime, but the specific notes about their play groups will keep everyone safe!

What do the pups do overnight? Is anyone there to watch them overnight?

Pups have their dinner around 5 PM, and then head outside at 5:30 for their last potty break and play time! They stay outside playing and enjoying the sunset from 5:30 until 7:30 when they are brought inside for bed time. All pups are in their Private Suites or Private Lounges at 7:30 for lights out. We leave classical music playing on the radio in every room to help soothe them and block out distractions. We also hand out Kongs with peanut butter to give them something to do! The staff leaves shortly after 8 PM and does not return again until the morning. It is best for pups not to be woken up or disturbed during the middle of the night. This gets them all riled up and disrupts them when they would have slept quietly through the night after a long day of play time! So, we do not return in the middle of the night. We have an alarm system and cameras connected to the owners' smartphones and can monitor the building from home. We can adjust temperatures on the thermostats and view the cameras from home to ensure your pups are safe and sound.