Pups & Pals Pet Lounge has partnered with Kelsey Bellamy and her company, Bellamy Behavior, to provide Doggy Day School and Group Classes for you and your pup!


Meet our trainer, Kelsey...

Kelsey's approach to training is a blend of science and art, focusing on the relationship between human and canine, and using positive reinforcement to motivate. Rather than generalizing behavior and using training "methods," common in traditional training, Kelsey views each dog and person as the individual they are. At Bellamy Behavior, all training plans are tailor-made for optimized success!

Doggy Day School

Customized Training + Doggy Day Care = Doggy Day School! Drop your pup off at Pups & Pals to play with other dogs all day and train with Kelsey in a fun, safe environment! It's a two for one combo you can't go wrong with!

Group Classes

Not your average group obedience class! Say goodbye to boring curriculums and hello to fun for the whole family! Teach your dog basic skills, fun tricks, nose-work, and more in the company of pet parents and their wonderful pups! Group classes are held on Saturdays at Pups & Pals Pet Lounge. Contact Kelsey today to sign up for the next session!

Contact Information:

Kelsey Bellamy, KPA-CTP

Phone: 512-228-2882

Email: kelsey@bellamybehavior.com

Website: www.bellamybehavior.com