Vacations, business trips, moving day—there are plenty of times when our lives take us out of town for a few days, and pets are not always welcome! Luckily, you can feel comfortable leaving your dog at Pups & Pals Pet Lounge for a few nights of overnight lodging!

When dogs stay the night at Pups & Pals Pet Lounge, they receive all the benefits of doggy day care, plus extra special play time at night before bed! Then they sleep over in their private lounge or private suite and wake up in the morning for another fun-filled day with us! At Pups & Pals, a full day of doggie day care is included with every night of overnight lodging. The cost of doggy day care is included in the price of lodging. We do not charge additional fees for play time, cuddle time, couch time, fetch time, or any other services--it's all included!

We provide all the blankets, dog beds, feeding bowls, and toys that your dog needs; all you need to bring is a container with their food! We do not accept blankets or personal items from home. We will feed the dogs twice per day with their food that you brought from home and the amount of “scoops” that you desire!

Sign your Pup up for a departure bath on their last day of lodging so they come home clean and fresh!

We have two options for Overnight Lodging:

Private Suites

The Private Suites are a lodging option for an upgraded and more luxurious stay for your pup. Private Suites offer a more spacious setting for your pup to stretch out, perfect for large breeds, or pups who do not enjoy a regular boarding crate. Suites are booked in advance and subject to availability. We have 4 Private Suites available at the South Park location and 13 Private Suites available at the Oak Hill location.

Private Suite Lodging:  $48 per dog, per night (includes daycare)

Private Suite 10 Day Package:  $430 (10% discount)

Private Suites at the South Park Location are pictured below:


Private Suites at the Oak Hill Location are pictured below:

Private Lounge

The Private Lounge Lodging consists of a personal kennel, with blankets inside and draped over the top to create a cozy cave feel.

Private Lounge Lodging:  $38 per night (includes daycare)

Private Lounge 10 Day Package:  $340 (10% discount)

Add a Nature Walk to your pup’s stay at the Oak Hill Facility!

Nature walks are $10 for a 20 minute walk, one on one with a staff member. Nature Walks are only offered as a day care or boarding add-on at the Oak Hill facility. We have 3 acres of beautiful green grass and trees for you pup to frolic in! The Nature Walk add-on is a great way to give your pup extra special one-on-one time during their stay, and get them out into nature smelling new smells and seeing different scenery from the usual daily routine!


Maya Enjoying Her Nature Walk!


One-On-One Time with a Staff Member!